Karl Rove: Is Pelosi an accomplice to “torture”?

Ouch. This is probably the most definitive piece I’ve seen yet on what Pelosi knew and when she knew it as it relates to the use of waterboarding.

This woman is lying through her teeth right now in an effort to play dangerous political games in order to score cheap political points against Republicans regarding an interrogation practice she not only knew about, but apparently wondered aloud if it was “enough.”

Do the Democrats really want to go there with “investigation” (and possible prosecution) of Bush administration officials who authorized the use of EITs? If they’re really serious about it, then let’s do this – but lay it all out on the table so the American people can see clearly not only the fact that EITs worked, but also see just which party it is that has been playing political games with our national security ever since 9-11.

Bring it on.

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