You stay classy, David Axelrod

What was senior Obama adviser David Axelrod up to this past Thursday? Ruminating on Karl Rove … and comparing Carrie Prejean to a dog:

The senior adviser to the president and former campaign consultant was the special guest on National Public Radio’s “Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me!” which made a road trip to George Washington University in the nation’s capital for an episode that will air this weekend.

Mr. Axelrod – or, as host Peter Sagal called him, “the moustache behind the throne” – was on to play “Not My Job,” in which notable people face pop quizzes about subjects they are totally unfamiliar with. (In Mr. Axelrod’s case, that meant failed historical Utopian movements – or, as the show dubbed it, “No, We Can’t.”)


Mr. Axelrod was just as happy to turn aside questions from the panel, such as when Mr. Sagal asked him exactly what he did.

“You sound like the President,” Mr. Axelrod cracked.

And Mr. Axelrod had another one-liner ready when Mr. Sagal pressed him about the Mr. Obama’s smoking habits.

“The president and I are close, but we don’t get that close,” Mr. Axelrod said.

Finally, there was the conversation weaving between, of all things, Miss California U.S.A. Carrie Prejean, the same-sex marriage opponent who the panel had already mocked at length, and Bo, the Obama family’s Portuguese water dog.

When Mr. Axelrod was asked how involved he was in the selection of Bo, he jokingly answered that he “only got called in for the final three.”

But as Mr. Axelrod was trying to set the record straight – he actually was not consulted – Mr. Sagal asked about the two runner-ups.

“One was Miss California,” Mr. Axelrod cracked to the audience’s laughter.

Here’s the audio:

Audio via Gateway Pundit, who reminds us that this isn’t the first time the WH has “joked” about a young conservative female.

And what was the basis of this attack? The fact that Carrie Prejean has the same position on gay marriage as Axelrod’s boss?


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