With North Korea sounding the war bells, will the media blame Bush – or Obama?

Michelle Malkin writes this morning about how North Korea has all but fired the first shot against South Korea – and via extension the US, abandoning the 1953 ceasefire in light of the South Korea joining on with the US’ and other countries in anti-proliferation efforts against North Korea and others who might transport WMD.

This is obviously a dangerous situation – and yes, as Malkin noted – this is the time Joe Biden warned us about, when Obama was going to be “tested.” I’m very concerned about what he will and will not say and/or do, and pray that he makes decisions in the coming days with a steady hand and experienced guidance all around him.

That said, where are the steady mainstream media drumbeats about how North Korea’s war-like stance is because of “sabre-rattling” on the part of Obama? You won’t hear the drumbeats, because Democrats in Congress aren’t making any such accusations – unlike they did routinely during Bush’s time in office, when they blamed North Korea’s reconstituting of their nuke programs on Bush and his tough talk towards the Jong-il regime – in spite of the fact that North Korea had alread violated the much-hailed 1994 Carter/Clinton framework Jong-il’s father “agreed to” – shortly after the “agreement” was put in place.

Before, it was all “blame Bush.” Now this is being treated as a serious issue -as it should be, with all hands on deck, Democrats, Republicans, the mainstream media, the American people – all hoping this situation can be resolved peacefully. Where was such cooperation during Bush’s term? Why were the Democrats and the mainstream media so interested in playing the blame game with Bush on North Korea?

No way they’d ever play politics with our national security, right?

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