What’s bothering you, ST? A rant on the post-Tiller murder reax

I’m bothered that there are people in this country today both on the extreme left and right who still believe that violence is a way to solve political differences, whether those people are part of some organized fringe group or act alone with encouragement from “anonymous” thugs on the Internet. I’m bothered by the fact that the mainstream media almost always emphasizes one more than the other. I’m bothered by the fact that as a result of a cold act of violence, the pro-life movement will likely be set back at a time when it has been slowly gaining ground. I’m bothered by the fact that George Tiller has been described as a “hero” by liberals like Alan Colmes, when he is anything but. I’m bothered by the fact that conservative Christian pro-lifers are being smeared by the left as “guilty by association” when the vast, vast majority in no way support the tactics employed by Scott Roeder. I’m bothered by the fact that our President – the Commander in Chief – didn’t hesitate to condemn the murder of George Tiller, but waited two days before he issued a condemnation of the murder of a new military recruit, and the attempted murder of another.

I’m bothered by the fact that the left considers conservatives “heartless” yet it’s (primarily) conservatives who object to the heartless procedure of abortion, which degrades and dehumanizes the unborn in ways too numerous and gruesome to cite here. I’m bothered by the fact that for all the left’s concern about terminally ill adults having the “right” to die with “dignity,” and their belief that the death penalty for murderers is “cruel and unusual punishment,” that they find some type of dignity and “rightness” in the practice of sucking and pulling an unborn baby’s body parts out of its mother’s womb, and see nothing “cruel and unusual” about it. It bothers me that the left cares more about making sure we have “plenty” of abortion providers, than about the unborn babies growing inside a mother’s body, and their right to a chance a life – a chance that our mothers, thankfully, thought we deserved.

I’m bothered by the fact that even explaining my position in the simplest of terms – by suggesting that I believe that it’s wrong to extinguish a heartbeat that you can hear at five weeks, I’m branded an “extremist” yet those on the left side of the aisle are branded the “caring, sane” ones because they want to save the whales, trees, forests, and animals … but not a breathing unborn baby inside the womb of a human being.

I’m bothered that we’re here, in the 21st century, actually still having to “debate” on whether or it’s right or wrong to abort an unborn child, as if there really is a “debate” to begin with. I’m bothered by the fact that we ALL know that our lives began somewhere – that our human development started from the moment we were conceived, yet the left consistently argues that the baby is not “human”until it is “viable.” I’m bothered by the left’s constant changing of definitions of words in an effort to sanitize what abortion really is. I’m bothered that the left finds more important protecting the “rights” of Islamofascists rather than re-examining their viewpoints on the rights of the unborn.

And that’s just for starters.

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