Yes, ladies and gents – size really does matter

And the bigger the better.

Oh – did I mention I was talking about flat panel televisions? What did you think I was talking about? :-j

I’m in the middle of taking a brief break from the work I brought home with me to brag – sorta – about the fact that I’m finally “getting with the times.” Not only am I anxiously awaiting the delivery of my 32″ Vizio TV, but once it comes in, I’ll finally – at long last – have a way of watching DVDs on something other than my computer.

Yes, I’m one of the last remaining holdouts on the DVD thing. I’ve been clinging to my “classic” (sadly, that’s what they’re called now) movies on VHS. Fortunately, I don’t have a gigantic collection of VHS tapes, so purchasing them in the DVD format shouldn’t be too terribly expensive since most of them can be found in the bargain bin at Walmart (go ahead – laugh!). My current TV was/is one of those that doesn’t lend itself to me being able to hook up both a DVD and VCR to it at the same time, so I opted to continue on with the VCR.

About the TV: I had planned on getting a 22″ – one that had a DVD on it, but when I went into the local Best Buy I found that the 22″ was too small. Not wanting to go overboard in price, I decided at the time that when the moment arrived and I was ready to purchase a flat panel, that I’d get a 26″ one.

But then decided to go even bigger and snag a 32″. The price on the one I was looking at last week was only $50 more than the 26″ and the reviews on it were really good, so I decided “what the hell” and went for it. Didn’t want to get anything bigger than that, as my livingroom is small and I didn’t want the TV overwhelming it.

Frankly, I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a delivery to my house since the arrival of Chip, Jr, who I should note was bigger than Chip, Sr.

Such.A.Geek. (Super Geek, Super Geek!):-b

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