A resolution honoring Michael Jackson? Are you kidding me?

Good grief!

We reported recently about a resolution Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-Tex.) introduced to honor Michael Jackson and referred to, oddly enough, the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

The full text of that resolution has been published, and it’s….long.

The legislation lists Jackson’s accomplishments in endless detail, from his #1 hits to the details of his charity work. At the conclusion, the legislation resolves that Congress

(1) recognizes Michael Jackson as a global humanitarian and a noted leader in the fight against worldwide hunger and medical crises; and

(2) celebrates Michael Jackson as an accomplished contributor to the worlds of arts and entertainment, scientific advances in the treatment of HIV/AIDS, and global food security.

Here are a few of the clauses cited in support of honoring Jackson, not necessarily in consecutive order:

There are too many to mention here.

I can’t believe with everything we’ve got going on in this country – and the world, that House Democrats have the time to sit down and write a lengthy resolution honoring a deceased pop star. They’ve already held a moment of silence. Wasn’t that enough? Furthermore, why was this resolution referred to the House Foreign Affairs Committee? :-\

Related to all this, Rep. Peter King (R-NY) yesterday blasted all the hoopla surrounding the singer’s death:

Rep. Peter King Sunday said people clamoring about Michael Jackson’s death should just beat it.

The Seaford Republican posted a two-minute YouTube video Sunday blasting the late King of Pop as “some pervert” and blaming political correctness in the media for the wall-to-wall coverage of Jackson’s death.

VIDEO: Watch Peter King’s tirade on Michael Jackson

“Let’s knock out the psychobabble,” King said in the video, which was posted by his campaign. “He was a pervert, a child molester; he was a pedophile. And to be giving this much coverage to him, day in and day out, what does it say about us as a country? I just think we’re too politically correct.”

Jackson family spokesman Ken Sunshine told the Associated Press Monday the family is preparing for Jackson’s funeral and will not dignify King’s statement with a comment.

Standing in front of the Wantagh American Legion Hall, King said “there’s nothing good about” Jackson.

“No one wants to stand up and say we don’t need Michael Jackson. He died, he had some talent, fine,” he said. “He may have been a good singer, he did some dancing. Bottom line is, would you let your child or grandchild be in the same room with Michael Jackson? What are we glorifying him for?”

In an interview Sunday night, King said he made the video to highlight efforts made by teachers, police officers and firefighters that he said go unrecognized by celebrity-obsessed media.

For that, he is taking heat from the likes of the race-baiting Bobby Rush (D-IL):

CHICAGO – Today, U.S. Rep. Bobby L. Rush (IL-01) said he was offended and insulted by the comments of New York Rep. Peter King after he called Michael Jackson a “pervert” and questioned the extensive media coverage of the pop star’s death. […]

Rush, who met with the singer in 2004, and has been a supporter of the Jackson family for several decades demanded an apology from King and said he should be ashamed of himself for politically exploiting the tragic death of the music superstar by expressing headline-grabbing fodder as he contemplates a run for higher office.

“How dare Rep. King utter such scandalous and outlandish comments about Michael Jackson, when he has never opened his mouth to criticize his own colleagues who have been were accused of morally reprehensible, criminal or indecent acts and were forced to resign from public office,” said Rush. “Michael Jackson, was found innocent of the allegation against him and has never been classified in any court as being a pedophile. Therefore my collegague’s position is just an opinion and not a statement of fact.

“Michael will forever live in the memories of tens of millions of people around the world as one of the most creative, engaging and prolific artist of his generation,” Rush continued. “To millions of African Americans children, specifically, his story of being born to a working class family in Gary, Indiana, to becoming one of the world’s biggest stars illustrates the benefits of hard work, discipline, perseverance and self-determination. His story, from his humble beginnings, to his tragic passing at age 50 should be told. For Rep. King to use Jackson’s death as a springboard to a campaign for a U.S. Senate seat is unacceptable. He owes Michael’s mother, Katherine, his children, the entire Jackson family, and his legions of fans an apology.”

Sheesh. What a drama queen.

Michelle Malkin points out that HuffPo is supporting ActBlue’s “campaign” to unseat King over his “offensive” remarks. He was a bad enough Congressmen to them before, but with insulting Michael Jackson I guess King just went too far. LOL.

Ya gotta wonder where the widespread “outrage” was from these same lefties when Rep. John Yarmuth (D-KY) went on record as saying that the House’s moment of silence for Jackson made him feel “close to nauseated” enough to leave the House floor and go to the cloakroom? Transcript:

YARMUTH: Um, I was close to nauseated by it. I thought it was outrageous. In my two and a half years, we’ve never done that for anybody else who’s a celebrity. We’ve done it for former members, and that’s about it, for former members who’ve passed away … I basically got up and walked back to the cloakroom and got off the floor, because I just thought it was totally uncalled for and over the top.

ZIEGLER: And were you alone in that feeling?

YARMUTH: Oh, no, the cloakroom was pretty well packed. I think there were a lot of people who were disgusted by it.

Didn’t hear a lot about that in the lamestream media? I didn’t, either. I wonder why – well, no, I don’t.

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