MSDNC wanted to make sure you didn’t miss a second of the “teachable moment”

(Quick note: Sorry if y’all experienced some content access issues earlier today. I have no clue what was going on – think it was a WP issue but it looks like it has been resolved, so we are back in business.)

Check out this video segment from MSDNC where they are replaying his comments about how we shouldn’t call the beer summit the beer summit. And then take note on the lower right side of the screen how they have a “Beer Summit” countdown clock, complete with images of mugs of beer:

Now, I can understand the countdowns to things like primary closings like most of the mainstream media outlets did last year. But a countdown to the beer summit? Give me a break.

In related news, Jules Crittenden has a picture of Crowley assisting the race-baiter who called him a racist that speaks volumes about the true class act at the beer summit, and it sure as hell wasn’t our celebrity President.

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