New issue of Rolling Stone deifies Obama

This has become standard operating procedure for this left wing rag:

Artist Shepard Fairey, whose iconic HOPE campaign poster of Barack Obama was a global sensation, is back with a new image that both questions and deifies the President.

Appearing on the cover of the Aug. 20 Rolling Stone, the portrait depicts Obama with a brow knit in determination, surrounded by a halo of stars.

“Will he take bold action or compromise too easily?” asks a headline enshrining the President’s head.

Fairey said it wasn’t meant to be a halo. Rather, the picture he worked from showed Obama standing in front of the presidential seal, he said.

“It’s one thing to be running for president and it’s another to be President and I think this new illustration that I did hopefully captures the complexity and the weight of his new role,” Fairey said.

“Not only will we see how he performs, but also whether we as Americans will now help him and continue to push for the changes we asked for.”

The Rolling Stone cover story, appearing on newsstands Friday, examines the issues testing Obama in his first year in office. For more details, go to

A guerrilla street artist who has several graffiti arrests, Fairey said his portrait was also inspired by a classically stuffy artwork: Gilbert Stuart’s unfinished painting of George Washington, the basis for the engraving on the dollar bill.

Check the cover closely – not only does it make Obama appear “above this earth,” but the “roundtable” panel Rolling Stone chose to quote for this article consists of …. David Gergen, Michael Moore, and Paul Krugman.

Which, needless to say, is about as diverse a panel as The View, with the exception of Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Obama - Rolling Stone
Is he The One?

*shakes head*

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