Pelosi and Hoyer to ObamaCare opponents: You are “Un-American”

Are you paying close attention, everyone – especially seniors and veterans? This is what the Democrats leaders in the House think of your concerns about ObamaCare: You’re “Un-American.” Jimmie Bise has a great takedown of Pelosi and Hoyer’s op-ed here and concludes:

The Democrati[c] leadership says I am un-American for deciding that, after months of being ignored and marginalized, I should raise my voice. Well, to hell with that. I say that Pelosi and Hoyer’s abuse of their power — power, by the way, they only have because we the people have granted it to them — has gone well past statism and is standing with one foot firmly planted in the nastiest traditions of fascism.

Yep. I hate to say it, but we are living in scary times in this country.

Related to all this, Andrew Sullivan – fresh from just a couple of weeks ago demanding that President Obama produce his actual birth certificate in the name of transparency – has penned an op/ed for the Times of London which suggests that the whole birth certificate controversy is not really about wondering whether or not Obama is legally eligible to serve as President but instead is about … you guessed it: racism. Tom Maguire has an excellent fisking of Sullivan’s latest prObama dribblings here.

Ah. So nice to know that we live in a country where dissent, once deemed as “patriotic,” is now thought of as “racist” and “Un-American” – “Un-American” enough that we should, according to our President, shut up already. 8-|

Update – 9:57 AM: Karl at Patterico’s calls Pelosi out regarding her hypocrisy on the issue of dissent. Consider it a must-read.

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