Desktop stuck in safe mode loop – please help!

*UPDATE* 9/2/09 – 8:20 PM: For the latest news on the desktop situation, click here.


Ok, I’ll try and be as descriptive as I can about what happened.

Currently, I’m on my (old and very slow) laptop. Earlier this evening while I was working in Firefox on the XP desktop, I kept getting pop up messages from Norton’s saying they had blocked this Trojan or that. Not long after that, I started getting a pop up from something called “Win Police Pro” which I know is a “fake” virus detection program that installs itself on your computer and starts doing weird stuff. Well, no matter how many times I tried to take it off, it wouldn’t come off. I tried to run a Check Disk and it wouldn’t run, I did the F8 thing at restart and it would not allow me to start in Safe Mode. I would just get a blue screen telling me I needed to do various things like run the Check Disk. I restarted several times in attempts to delete WPP but the desktop would restart itself after a few minutes of looking like it was going operate as normal.

I tried to do a System Restore about 6 times but each time the computer came back up it would tell me that the system couldn’t be restored to the various points I tried.

I logged on to the laptop to find out how to force the desktop into Safe Mode – so I could follow the instructions I had pulled up on how to remove WPP – by going to msconfig/Boot.ini and then clicking on “Safeboot.” That is when the endless safe mode loop started. No matter how many times I ask that black screen to start windows normally or start in in the “last known good configuration” it goes to that blue screen again.

The research I did on the laptop suggested that I “use the Operating System disk” that supposedly came with the computer. I got no such disk – just a piece of paper shaped like a disk that said I didn’t need it, that the computer already came with a system restore function. So now at this point I’m screwed and have pulled almost all my hair out.

I desperately want to get back to my desktop to attempt (again) to do a manual removal of WPP so I can get back to using my desktop again. Not only that, but I do not want to lose all the family pix I have stored on my C: drive.

Any ideas? Please email them using the “contact” link above or post in the comments. I may not get around to answering them until sometime later this (Wednesday) morning and won’t get to attempt utilize any ideas until Weds night, so I’m hoping between now and then someone or numerous people will be able to point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance!

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