Lies and the lying President who tells them

Matt Welch at Reason Magazine has a pretty devastating takedown of Obama’s healthcare speech, and includes in his write-up the long list of lies our President told in his address to Congress. Consider it a must-read.

So, President Obama, you said last night that people who lied and spread disinformation about your health plan would be “called out” – well, you, sir, are being “called out.”

Oh – and to drive home the point that it was Joe Wilson who was telling the truth last night in his outcry over Obama’s claims about illegal immigrants ‘not’ being covered under his healthcare plan, the Congressional Research Service has analyzed HR3200 and has found that … illegals will be “required” to be covered under the ObamaCare plan.

All these lies told by a President who had the audacity to call out others on alleged “lies” should be the real “outrage” of the day, not Joe Wilson’s outburst. Instead, you’ve got those in the perpetually outraged crowd like MSDNC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman declaring that Wilson’s interuption “was a gut punch to me,” and The View’s Sherri Shepherd boasting that she supposedly “stayed up all night” contacting Wilson’s office in order to try and get Wilson to apologize – even though it was widely reported that he apologized almost immediately after the speech was over.

Would someone get these whining ninnies some smelling salts, please, so they can get over their latest case of the vapors? Heck, while you’re at it, get some for me, too – as I feel sick just writing about this.

Related: To help Joe Wilson in his fight to get re-elected to the House next year, click here. His seat is considered reliably Republican, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. His challenger is getting a lot of cash now in light of last night’s “uncivil moment,” but as AllahPundit explains here, the left is likely just pouring money down the drain in that race.

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