Panthers at the Cowboys (UPDATE: PANTHERS LOSE 21-7)

Panthers logoHave I mentioned how much I am dreading this game? As I wrote yesterday, it’s highly doubtful the Cowboys are going to lose two in a row in their shiny new stadium. And even if the Panthers were playing here at home, I have my doubts on whether or not they would win.

Although they certainly looked better last week than they did in week 1, until they finally get a “W” all the “good effort” in the world won’t change the deteriorating confidence level Panthers fans have with starting QB Jake Delhomme. The question is: Do his teammates feel the same way?

Game time is 8:30 ET, and it will be broadcast on ESPN.

Update: Early on it looked like this game was going to be a pretty good defensive battle, but the Cats choked in the second half and the Cowboys won the game 21-7.

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