See Presidents through the eyes of those who protect them

The North Star National has an interesting write-up on journalist Ronald Kessler’s book In the President’s Secret Service: Behind the Scenes with Agents in the Line of Fire and the Presidents they Protect. Kessler interviewed over 100 former Secret Service agents to get their accounts of their time served with Presidents both past and present, and the President that gets the worst rating? Jimmy Carter (via Hot Air Headlines):

Carter is portrayed as a phony according to the agents interviewed by Kessler. Carter would put on a show for the public to convey himself as a common man, but it was never anymore than an act. For instance, we are told that when Carter would make a point of carrying his own luggage in front of the press, he was really carrying empty bags. He expected others to carry his real luggage. Unfriendly, Carter “didn’t want the police officers and agents looking at him or speaking to him when he went to the [Oval] office,” explained an assistant White House usher. “The only time I saw a smile on Carter’s face was when the cameras were going,” one former agent told Kessler.

After his presidency, Kessler reports that when Carter would stay at a townhouse maintained for former presidents in D.C., he would take down pictures of other presidents and put up more pictures of himself! “The Carters were the biggest liars in the world,” one agent told Kessler of the Carter era.

Carter, not surprisingly, denied to Kessler through a lawyer many of the allegations in the book.

Not surprising, considering Carter has been in denial for about half his life on a number of issues, including the fact that he views his country as the enemy and believes terrorist outfits like Hamas truly desire “peace.”

Speaking of former Presidents, anyone catch the History Channel’s Kennedy family documentary? It’s called “The Curse of Power.” I don’t know if it’s new or not, but while I was out sick this week, they aired a well-researched, non-politically correct piece about the Kennedys going all the way back to Joe, Sr. I knew this family was deeply corrupt and crooked, but I had no idea just how much. If you get a chance to watch it, you should. The next time it airs is Sunday the 18th at 1 PM ET. It’s also for sale at for $29.95 plus shipping. There’s a good synopsis of it at that same link.

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