Anita “I hate Fox News” Dunn steps down

Via The Fix:

White House communications director Anita Dunn will step down from her post at the end of the month and Dan Pfeiffer, her deputy, will take over, according to sources familiar with the move.

Dunn, a longtime Democratic media consultant, took over the job on an interim basis earlier this year when Ellen Moran abruptly left the post to take a job at the Commerce Department. Dunn will return to Squier Knapp Dunn, the consulting firm where she is a partner, but will remain as a consultant to the White House on the communications and strategic matters.

The move will be formally announced later today.

Pfeiffer began working for Obama in 2007 following Sen. Evan Bayh’s (Ind.) decision not to pursue the presidency. He served a stint as the traveling press secretary for Obama’s presidential bid but eventually took a slot overseeing the campaign’s communications operation.

Prior to Obama, Pfeiffer worked for Sen. Tim Johnson’s (S.D.) re-election race in 2002 and on then Sen. Tom Daschle’s (S.D.) unsuccessful bid in 2004.

The passing of the baton from Dunn to Pfeiffer had long been expected within White House circles as she had made clear when she took the job that the “interim” in her title was meant to be taken literally.

While she’s not being thrown under the bus like so many other embarassing Obama associates, I suspect with all the heat she’s taken over her recent comments about Fox News – and her praise for Chairman Mao, it’s a bit of welcome news for the WH.   Considering the reported “truce” allegedly reached between them and the popular cable news network, they’re no longer interested in being overtly anti-Fox, as Dunn was and is.  Now they’re interested in keeping it “behind the scenes” – hush-hush, if you will, via threatening Democrat analysts/commentators/consultants who appear on the network via warning them to stay off of it – or else.

Hopenchange you can believe in.

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