Andrew Sullivan’s blog NOT “going silent” as promised

Damn. I should have known that this was too good to be true.

Jules Crittenden sums up:

With its feverishness, weird syntax and promise to be “up half the night” obsessing, this is a masterful depiction of a mental breakdown in progress.

I am really starting to develop a deep appreciation for what Andrew Sullivan does. That guy needs a special Blog Award category to accommodate the hefty blogging girth he’s been swinging around this year. “Most Bat-Sh*t.” ”Best Crazytown Blog.” “Lifetime Wack-Achievement Award.” Something like that. “Best Unhinged Fantastist Palin Conspiracy Theorist Blog” is more focused and probably worth considering, though people might think that was rigged a little too far in Sullivan’s favor.

Well, in Sully’s defense, he does seem to be doing a darned fine job of emulating his hero. He’s sure as heck got the flip-flopping down pat.

Sigh … and the beat goes on.

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