NFL Sunday Open Thread

NFL SundayThe best news of the day will be for Panthers fans, who can rest assured that their team will not lose today.

Because they’re not playing. Their game for the week is over – they were defeated Thursday night in primetime by the Dolphins here at home. So now that that is out of the way, I can actually enjoy a day of Sunday football without worrying about whether or not my team is going to show up, or just simply go through the motions.

What games do you have your eye on? C’mon, everyone – I know it’s that blockbuster show down between the Browns and the Lions. How would you like to be the color commentator calling that one? They probably will have some No-Doze handy. FWIW, I picked the Lions to win that one in the football pool this week. It’s really a toss-up.

In all seriousness, I’ll have my eye on the Patriots/Jets game, and not just because I think Tom Brady’s hot. I think it’ll be a good match up between division enemies. The Jets won their first meeting 16-9. Today they’ll be playing on New England’s home turf, where Brady and the gang will be looking both for revenge and a recovery from last week’s embarassing loss to the Colts.

Last but not least: For your entertainment, a memorable – and humorous – moment in NFL history (via Keith):


I’m off to do some Thanksgiving grocery shopping. Will check back in later.

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