Carbonhagen: Political correctness rules the day over “saving the environment”

I swear, you cannot make this stuff up:

Participants at the Copenhagen global climate summit opened talks Monday at the start of the holiday season, but they won’t be surrounded by festive Christmas decor, according to Denmark’s Foreign Ministry.

Since Christmas is a religious holiday, it has no place at a United Nations event, said officials planning the event.

A sponsor providing fir trees for the conference’s Christmas trees learned this the hard way when it was turned away by planners of the international event, the Copenhagen Post reported.

The trees, commonly used as Christmas trees in Denmark, were originally to be placed outside the Bella Center, where the 11-day conference will be held from Dec. 7 β€” Dec. 18.


“We have to remember that this is a U.N. conference and, as the center then becomes U.N. territory, there can be no Christmas trees in the decor, because the U.N. wishes to maintain neutrality,” said Denmark Foreign Ministry official Svend Olling.

Fir trees otherwise reach the climate-friendly standards of the conference planners. Firs bind carbon dioxide and prevent its release into the atmosphere.

Idiots, all – especially considering the “climate conference’s” mammoth estimated carbon footprint.

Then again, this never really has been about “protecting the planet,” has it?

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