The shameless targeting of Hadassah Lieberman continues

It started with Jane Hamsher and other nitwits at the prominent liberal blog “Firedoglake.” Now even bigger guns have gotten involved: the HuffPo and the Daily Kos blog (a blog that is now calling Mrs. Lieberman “anti-American“). I should note that Hamsher is behind most of the efforts seen at other liberal websites, but the places she’s posting her message at (like HuffPo) and the places posting the message on her behalf are giving her the platform to spread her venom, so they are just as complicit for allowing it as she is for posting it.

There’s a great way to combat this juvenile – and dangerous – nonsense: Make a donation to the Komen Foundation on behalf of Hadassah Lieberman and her efforts at raising money for breast cancer research, like Bill Jacobson did. The foundation has already issued a statement of support for Mrs. Lieberman, and hopefully will continue to stand behind her against the vicious, petty, and grossly misleading attacks made against her by all-or-nothing far leftists who actually believe that not supporting ObamaCare 100% means you want people to die.

(via Big Hollywood)

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