The AP’s nauseating puff piece on Jimmy Carter

From the Department of “You Cannot Be Serious”:

Nearly three decades have passed since Carter left office. He is 85 years old. Yet here he is, in a torrid, desolate corner of the world pushing two reluctant Caribbean neighbors to fight malaria, a disease that’s long been eradicated from richer countries.

And he is smiling, because this is what he does. Since leaving the White House, he’s logged millions of miles and visited dozens of countries on missions to wipe out diseases, mediate conflicts, advocate for human rights and monitor elections. He’s built a legacy that few, if any, American ex-presidents can match.

Considering Carter’s “legacy” of failure and anti-US actions (more here), let’s pray that indeed no ex-president will ever “match” him. And pray as well that our current President never matches him either, although as each day goes by you have to wonder whether or not he already has.

Mike Bates at Newsbusters reminds us of this timely quote:

The late New York Democratic Senator Patrick Moynihan had Carter’s number in 1980: “Being unable to distinguish between our friends and our enemies, Carter has adopted our enemies’ view of the world.”

Which is why he should have never been elected President, let alone viewed as a “statesman” post-presidency. He is anything but.

Carter and Arafat
Is this the face of a respectable statesman?
I think not.

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