Because “man-made global warming” skeptics in Alaska rock and stuff

And I’m not just talking about Sarah Palin:

FAIRBANKS – In what might become an annual tradition, an ice sculpture of former Vice President Al Gore has taken its place in front of Thrifty Liquor along Airport Way.

The two-ton “Frozen Gore” sculpture isn’t exactly a tribute. It’s a tongue-in-cheek critique of Gore’s vocal belief in man-made climate change, complete with hot air pouring out of his mouth.

Local businessmen Craig Compeau and Rudy Gavora contracted the piece from award-winning sculptor Steve Dean and say they’ll keep erecting one each winter until Gore accepts an invitation to discuss the global warming issue in Fairbanks.

“We do want to invite debate,” Compeau said. “We don’t agree with his theories — we’re suspicious of the financial motivation behind them.”

This year’s version includes special effects, thanks to a system that pipes the exhaust from a Ford F-350 out of Gore’s open mouth. Compeau will fire up the truck periodically this winter to create the “hot air” effect.

Here’s a photo of the sculpture:

Frozen Gore
Craig Compeau unveiled an ice sculpture of Al Gore on Tuesday at the corner of Airport Way and Thrifty Liquor. The sculpture features 'smoke' coming from Gore's mouth - exhaust from a truck. Photo courtesy of Craig Compeau

Michelle Malkin’s got a short video of what this year’s sculpture looks like, complete with the truck exhaust coming out of Gore’s “mouth” as he “narrates.” :))

Here’s video of the building of last year’s (similar) sculpture. It’s 8 and a half minutes, but it’s worth watching in order to fully appreciate all the hard work that went into it:

Well, I know the Goracle had to be disappointed when the TN legislature (the Senate, specifically) voted down a resolution to build a statue of him on state Capitol grounds, but something tells me he’ll be more than just disappointed once he hears about the latest Frozen Gore. Why, he might even blow another few fuses.

Hmmm. Do they sell carbon credits for blown fuses? :-?

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