Rielle Hunter sort of spills the beans on John Edwards

Quote of the day, from Jeff Taylor at The Meck Deck:

Voters of North Carolina need to look at themselves in the mirror and ask how it is that they completely fell for a man — electing him a United States senator — so flawed as John Edwards, a man who would so completely fall for a shambles like Rielle Hunter.

And that goes double for the boys and girls at McClatchy who allowed themselves to get swept up in John Edwards fever simply because he punched all their liberal do-gooder buttons.

He’s talking about the story of the day, which is not healthcare “reform” (that ranks a close second) but instead His Royal Phoniness’ (ex-?) mistress’ “exclusive” interview with GQ, an interview in which she not only said some pretty strange things, but also posed for a couple of – as Jeff accurately describes them – bizarre photos.

It would be so nice if this issue would sort of, like, go away, but I know that’s not going to happen – especially since everyone is cashing in by telling varying versions about the fall of John Edwards, from Andrew Young, to Elizabeth Edwards, to Rielle Hunter. This only means one thing: Expect a response from Edwards soon, probably in the form of a book titled something like “John Edwards: My Side of the Story”. In fact, knowing Mr. Vanity himself, it’ll be a multi-volume series devoted to trying to explain/spin his way out of everything, with a little fake self-deprecation and “aw shucks” Southern boy charm thrown in for good measure.

I hope I’m wrong.

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