Tim D’Annunzio supporter to me: “Maybe YOU should have been served papers as well!”

Here’s an example of the kind of nonsense I’ve been telling you about that is coming from *some* (not all) of Tim D’Annunzio’s supporters in NC8:

Sister Toldjah…did I get that right? I have a question for you? What do you consider yourself? Do you consider yourself a journalist? A blogger? What exactly? I’m just asking you what YOU consider yourself to be. I already know what you are NOT. After reading your little blog here, and it isn’t the first one I’ve read from you, I know that you are nothing more than a superfluous twit at best. You call Mr. D’Annunzio names like fruitcake and crazy and post things about him that are nothing more than lies. You bash him for being a “Christian”. REALLY? And you can still look at yourself in the mirror? Have you ever met Mr. D’Annunzio? I mean really taken the time to talk to him and listen to what he has to say? To hear his story? No, I’m guessing you haven’t. What fun would that be right? You couldn’t bash him the way you do if you were forced to know the truth about him. Well knowing you, you probably still would. The fact is, you don’t know what happened today and you won’t know what really happened because YOU weren’t there! So no matter what you write it will be heresay, something you heard second or third hand from someone else. Just more and more lies as usual. By the way, it isn’t “alleged” defamation…we’ve all seen it and heard it for ourselves. But you know after reading your blogs against Mr. D’Annunzio…maybe YOU should have been served papers as well!


So devoted to their candidate that they stoop to using his lawyerly tactics (sound familiar?) to try and threaten others so they’ll shut up?


Really. How do you get through to True Believers like that? It’s just insane. One thing I know is that the good people of NC8 certainly don’t deserve what they’ve been getting from Tim D’Annunzio. Hopefully this will be nothing but a bad memory after 6-22.

And y’all thought Jersey/Chicago/NYC politics were bad ;)

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