NC8 Watch: Harold Johnson’s statement on Tim D’Annunzio lawsuit (UPDATE: VIDEO OF PRESSER ADDED)

In response to yesterday’s shameless political stunt, here is Johnson’s official response:

Concord, North Carolina (June 8, 2010) Harold Johnson, Republican candidate for the 8th Congressional District of North Carolina, held a press conference earlier today to address the frivolous lawsuit filed yesterday by his opponent Tim D’Annunzio. The press conference was held at the office of Moore Van Allen in Charlotte. Johnson’s prepared remarks are attached:

“Thank you for attending. I would like to address the frivolous lawsuit filed against me yesterday by my opponent.

I was in Cumberland County talking with voters at the Cumberland County GOP headquarters. I had my grandchildren there with me. Apparently, Mr. D’Annunzio filed the lawsuit in Hoke County at 3:30 p.m. Approximately an hour later Cumberland County Deputies arrived at the GOP headquarters with his campaign’s professional camera crew trailing behind to serve me.

While I am out talking to voters, Tim D’Annunzio is out talking to lawyers about filing a frivolous lawsuit as a political stunt. What does that say about our two very different campaigns? Obviously, this was meant to be some sort of photo-op stunt – and frankly, that’s what all this is, just one big stunt.

I have been personally attacked by Tim D’Annunzio since the day I entered this race in December. His erratic behavior has distracted voters from the issues. I believe the people of this District deserve better than this. The people of this District are entitled to know the full story of their candidates and then choose who they believe will best speak for them and represent them in Washington. He forfeited his chance to let voters see and hear from us directly by dropping out of the scheduled debate he even signed his name to agree to participate in.

This is a desperate attack by a desperate candidate. He is trying to create yet another distraction, but I will not be distracted. I am going to keep talking to the voters and focusing on things that matter to them – stopping the out of control spending and getting our great country back on track to prosperity.

I will not be threatened and I will not be bullied. And I will not allow Tim D’Annunzio to perpetuate this terrible fraud he has committed upon the voters of the 8th District.”

Don’t forget, NC8 residents, even though the runoff is scheduled for 6-22, you can vote early.

Update – 9:22 PM: Here’s video of the presser Johnson did earlier today:

Story here.

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