Obama accuses GOP of 20 mos. of “politicking” … while politicking for 20 mos.

Via @ABCPolitics‘ @Sunlen Miller, we learn that our celebrity President’s duplicity has no bounds. Accusing the GOP of non-stop “politicking” … while he himself is politicking. Priceless:

Hitting the campaign-cash trail again today, President Obama in Austin, Texas today opened up a string of attacks against the Republicans, painting them as a party that lacks seriousness and ideas due to only looking forward to the next election.

“There has been a fundamental lack of seriousness on the other side,” Obama said to a crowd at the Four Seasons hotel in Austin, “We’ve spent the last 20 months governing, they have spent the last 20 months politicking.”

The president – who has been out on the stump raising cash and throwing his support behind local candidates increasingly – says that well he can politick with the best of them for the next three months leading up to midterm elections. “They forgot I’m pretty good at politicking,” he quipped with a smile.

Um, no – no one forgot you were “politicking,” Mr. President. Rather, they’ve been pointing out that your’s and your party’s constant “politicking” has been part of the problem.

And a big “LOL” to the part about him being willing to spend the next three months up until the elections “politicking.” In terms of actual politicking – the kind where you raise money, not the perpetual kind where you give speeches constantly in order to bring people over to your way of thinking – the President has been in $$ raising mode since roughly two months after he was sworn in as “leader” of the free world. He even missed a Boy Scout Jamboree (which marked the Boy Scouts’ 100 year anniversary) last month so he could “politick” and raise $$ alongside his fellow Democrats at several fundraisers – on the same day he taped his big “View” interview.

Because it’s all about the priorities, of course. 8-|

“Air Force One about to take off. Just under six hours in Texas. $1.65 million
collected for Democrats.” – Todd J. Gillman,
Dallas Morning News Washington Bureau Chief – 8/9/10 at 6:43 PM ET

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