It’s official: Democrats are hurting Andy Griffith’s reputation

Bad news for America’s favorite sheriff:

Andy Griffith – star of the Andy Griffith Show, a Manteo resident and noted endorser of Democratic causes and candidates – has seen his approval ratings plummet, according to a poll published Tuesday by Raleigh-based Public Policy Polling.

The Democratic pollster found that Griffith’s approval rating has fallen 25 points since 2008. Griffith has been a closer for Democrats, an unimpeachable saintly figure who fills his rare political spots with folksy charm and obvious references to his role as a small-town North Carolina sheriff.

In July he cut an ad for the U.S. government promising “good things” to come from the Democratic-backed health care law. The ad prompted five Republican U.S. senators to accuse the Obama administration of using taxpayer money to bolster his policies.

And as the poll suggests, the ad may have tainted the Griffith brand.

“Clearly it’s pushback from the president’s health care plan,” said Brad Crone, a Democratic consultant who is working with legislative candidates. “It’s a good time to call up Barney Fife.”

LOL. Doesn’t this guy know that it was Andy Taylor who was always coming to Barney’s rescue? :)

In spite of the very misleading ad that Griffith cut for Democrats on the ObamaCare bill, I wouldn’t be able to work myself into any degree of outrage or anger towards Griffith, even if I tried. I don’t think he was trying to deliberately mislead anyone (unlike this administration, on the other hand). Quite frankly, I don’t think he has a deceptive bone in his body, but my judgement could be clouded a bit considering the Andy Griffith show is probably my favorite of all time. ;)

Anyway, he’ll probably see this poll and laugh – and not care at all. He’s his own man who makes his own decisions about who and what to endorse. As the article notes, he’s been endorsing Democrats in this state for decades. My hope is that – assuming the Republicans make significant inroads in the fall elections – that the ensuing debate over whether or not to repeal/repair “ObamaCare” will cause him to change his mind as more and more damaging information emerges about what is in the health care “reform” bill (remember, it had to pass so we could know what was in it! :)) ). If his mind isn’t changed on health care “reform,” I’ll still love him. I’ll just continue to reject his opinions on political issues, as I hope everyone else will.

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