Chris Christie to GOP: “Put up or shut up”

As usual, the bold and unapologetic Governor of New Jersey hits the nail on the head (via Memeorandum):

“It’s put up or shut up time for the Republican party once we get the opportunity to govern again,” New Jersey Governor Chris Christie told reporters outside a GOP retreat on Wednesday in Washington. “If the voters do give us that opportunity in November on the federal level, it’s time for us to deliver. And it won’t be easy.”

Christie pulled off an upset victory last year over unpopular Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine. Since his election, he has drawn national attention for pushing budget cuts through a Democratic state legislature. He’s received enough praise that Christie’s name is now mentioned as a possible presidential candidate in 2012.

The enthusiastic reception Christie received at a House GOP Conference on Capitol Hill Wednesday won’t discourage that perception. After huddling with Republicans before they return to their home districts to campaign, Christie stayed for meetings with Republican officials. He said he advised Republicans running for office to “be yourselves.”

“People want to be treated like adults in America,” he told CNN. “They don’t want to be pandered to anymore. They know we’re in really hard times and they know there’s going to be sacrifices that are going to be necessary and we’ve got to tell them that.”

Isn’t that the truth? Gov. Christie knows that voter skepticism & cynicism isn’t the problem – he knows the real problems are the politicians who don’t take to heart the concerns of their respective constituencies. On the other hand, you’ve got Team O’Biden out there lecturing diehards to “quit whining” and telling them how it would be “irresponsible” for disgruntled Dems to stay home on Election Day. Why? Because, well, the economy’s “turned a corner” (‘just trust us’ – uh huh).

The contrasts in leadership couldn’t be more stark. One continuously displays strong character and courage, has sound judgment, and sugarcoats nothing. The other? Well, his disdain for both the truth and voters pretty much speaks for itself.

Can you imagine a presidential debate between the two? I don’t see Christie running for President in 2012, but if he did – and won the GOP nomination – the debates between him and Obama would be for the ages as the American people witnessed first hand what the difference is between empty rhetoric and sobering reality. It would indeed be a sight to behold.

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