Howard Dean sneers at Tea Party, says GOP has “created monster”

The confirmed Socialist (scroll) and Dr. of Disology told the Obama administration’s favorite “news” network that the GOP has, in effect, “created a monster” by giving credence to the Tea Party movement:

Former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean said Wednesday that the GOP has “created a monster” by encouraging the tea party movement.

Dean pointed to Delaware Republican Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell as the key example of how the tea party movement has grown beyond the GOP’s control.

“What they’ve done is essentially created a monster,” Dean said during an interview on MSNBC. “Their rhetoric has been so uncompromising, so inaccurate, so ludicrous, that … they’ve given permission for this wing of the Republican Party … this is a tea party group, to say outrageous things.”

“For the mainstream voter, it is frightening to see that,” Dean said.

He then went on to attack Republican Christine O’Donnell , who is supported by the Tea Party in her bid to win the Delaware Senate seat formerly held by Joe Biden.

The first thing that came to mind after reading this was: Will the real Howard Dean please stand up? Just a few weeks ago, he was talking about how he “approved” of much of what the Tea Party was doing:

Howard Dean, whose 2004 presidential bid tapped the anger of a disaffected Democratic base, expressed a surprising admiration for the mad-as-hell tea party movement — but thinks it will be ultimately hobbled by a “racist fringe” encouraged by a “race-baiting” Fox News network.

The former Democratic National Committee chairman and Vermont governor, speaking at a forum on the 2010 midterms sponsored by Hofstra University on Thursday, expressed admiration for vanquished Delaware GOP Senate hopeful Mike Castle, saying the moderate Republican congressman would have made a “great” senator.

“I think the tea party has a big race problem,” said Dean appearing alongside Republican strategist Ed Rollins at the event, which was arranged by the school’s National Center for Suburban Studies and the Kalikow Center for the Study of the American Presidency.

“I don’t think they are all racists,” explained Dean, who clashed with Democratic party leaders — including White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel — over his “50 State Strategy” geared at tapping grass-roots Democratic activists in deep-red Republican districts. But “if you look at the tea party, they are all people of my complexion and my age. … there are a lot of people who are my age and my color who can’t get their arms around the idea that this country is going to look like California in 40 years in that there’s not going to be a [white] majority. … That is a very hard pill to swallow if you are an American who is my age. That is a swirling issue that nobody wants to talk about.”

Added Dean: “I actually approve of most of what the tea party is doing… I think it’s great to have individuals reach out to take their own responsibility for their own [future] and lashing out against government that has really forgotten them … but I also believe that there is a fringe of racism in the tea party, which unfortunately for the tea party that is focused on” by the media.

Of course, he’s a complete idiot – not to mention hypocrite – when it comes to the issue of racism and race-baiting. 99.9% of Tea Partiers aren’t racist, but of course he has to focus on the fringiest of fringes by noting the .1% who are – a .1% that the rest of the Tea Party does not endorse, condone, etc. He is right that the media obsesses about race when it comes to the Tea Party, primarily because the MSM marches to the beat of the left’s drum and the left has been banging the “Tea Partiers/conservatives are raaaacists!!” drum since before our celebrity President was elected. Sadly, Dean chooses to obsess on it as well, even though he claims to believe that “not all” are racists. Note to Dean: Many of us can read between the lines of your phony rhetoric.

So anyway – what happened between that mid-September piece and today’s MSDNC interview? Well, in a nutshell, we’re a month away from what looks to be a bruising election for the left and the word’s already gotten out from the Oval Office to paint the Tea Party as “extremists” (read: racists) and, along with it, any GOP politico/candidate who affiliates with them in any way – especially those who are endorsed by the Tea Party. Essentially, Dean has performed a flip-flop that would impress flip-flopster extraordinaire John Kerry.

And about Dean’s characterizations of the Tea Party in the MSDNC interview as “monsters” who say “outrageous things,” well, I’ve got news for him. The tiny few in the Tea Party who say “outrageous things” very much pale in comparison to the NOT SO FRINGE anti-war contingent in the Democrat party who were coddled and massaged by mainstream Democrats every year of the Bush administration. Just who was the master at capitalizing on the anti-war wing’s sheer hatred for Bush and the war in Iraq?

Howard Dean himself, as we saw with his failed bid for the Democrat nomination for President back in 2004. His core issue? Calling for an end to the war in Iraq. “Grassroots” leftists pushed his candidacy hard in the first presidential election where online organizing and fundraising efforts played a significant role in the promotion or rejection of a candidate.

What were the kinds of things the Dean supporters/enthusiasts on the nutcase left were saying about Bush-Cheney and other Republicans for 8 years? Here’s a lengthy refresher, complete with photos and videos, courtesy of Zombietime. Hint: There was a lot of talk about bringing Bush/Cheney up on charges of “war crimes.” Some even called for their deaths. Bush was often compared to Hitler. The promotion of Communism and Socialism was – and is not – uncommon at anti-war protests. These were the types of hateful morons the left courted heavily during every election cycle of the Bush administration years. And no, they were not a “fringe” movement. The Democrat anti-war movement was very much mainstream within the party.

It’s amazing that Dean has the nerve to sit there and accuse the Tea Party of widespread extremism and, furthermore, suggest that the GOP has encouraged it when you consider what the real facts are on the issue of extremism and encouragement. Will he be called out on his hypocrisy, exaggerations, and lies by the MSM? Don’t hold your breath.

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