Do you have “the look”? MTV wants you for upcoming Obama town hall

After all, our “hip” celebrity President deserves an equally “hip” audience, right? Via Ben Smith:

The listing:


MTV, BET and CMT are casting the audience for town hall meeting with President Obama. Shooting Oct. 14, 4 p.m. in Washington, D.C.

Seeking—Audience Members: males & females, 18+.

To apply, email and put “Town Hall” in the subject line. To ensure that the audience represents diverse interests and political views, include your name, phone number, hometown, school attending, your job and what issues, if any, you are interested in or passionate about. Also, provide a recent photo and short description of your political views. Submission deadline: Oct. 14. No pay.

Kelly McAndrew, a spokeswoman for Viacom, which owns MTV, said the screening was aimed at attracting a diverse audience.

“We’re just trying to get the broadest, most diverse audience possible,” she said, denying that either Republicans or ugly people would be screened out. “We want to have divergent points of view – we’re not looking for a single-view audience.”

Right. Sort of like they hope Rock the Vote registers a “diverse” group of people including conservatives and Republicans … uh huh.

Jim Geraghty quips:

When you suspect the questioners have been pre-screened . . . well . . . there you go.

I love the “what issues, if any, you are interested in.” If you know nothing about politics and have no interest in any topic . . . eh, come along anyway.

Then again, maybe they just want to make sure they get the pretty people.

Correction: They’re wanting ot make sure they get the pretty liberal people, and don’t mind if those who don’t have a particular issue of interest attend as well.

Shouldn’t be too hard to find lots of those types

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