NC Dem party: Let’s put people out of work whose bosses support the GOP

That’s not exactly what they said, but that could be the likely outcome if enogh people support their agenda. Via AP:

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) β€” The North Carolina Democratic Party asked voters Wednesday to avoid shopping at dozens of discount retail stores whose parent company, owned by a conservative activist’s family, injected hundreds of thousands of dollars into the fall elections to target Democrats.

Party leaders set their sights on Variety Wholesalers Inc. executive Art Pope at a news conference, calling him a “right-wing extremist” who sent money to at least three conservative political organizations that have created mailers and ads critical of Democratic incumbents.

The party’s boycott of the company’s North Carolina stores, mostly under the names of Roses, Maxway and Super 10, began in the final days of a high-stakes campaign for control of the Legislature. Republicans are trying to wrest control of the House and Senate together for the first time in more than a century.

“Hardworking North Carolinians would not patronize Variety Stores if they knew that the money they were spending there was going to attack the very candidates who support programs that help their families,” party executive director Andrew Whalen said at a news conference. “We’re trying to send a message here that Art Pope cannot buy our state’s government.”

Pope said he’s doing no such thing and accused of Democrats of being hypocritical for accepting campaign money from corporate interests and industries to promote their causes. They’re threatening the jobs of people who work at his stores, Pope said.

“They’re willing to put hardworking people out of work because I support conservatives and Republicans,” Pope said in an interview. “I will not be silenced from attacking the one-party rule in North Carolina.”

And – as I said on Facebook – it’s especially dense for them to do this at a time when so many Americans are either losing their jobs or can’t find one thanks, in part, to this administration’s anti-business philosophya philosophy these same Democrats support!

You truly cannot make this stuff up, folks.

If you live in NC and have a Variety Wholesalers store in your area, please make sure to shop it more frequently than normal. Nothing may come of this attempted boycott, but it’s best to be out there countering it just in case.

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