Russell Simmons: “Olbermann has given sanity to the madness”

Comedy gold, friends. Comedy gold:

Keith Olbermann has given voice to the voiceless, sanity to the madness, truth where lies are now a daily part of our political discourse. He felt passionate enough to contribute innocently as an private individual to three campaigns that he cared about.

If he goes we lose the Edward Murrow of our generation, the voice that spits truth to power and vested interests. I have devoted my entire adult life to truth telling. Without Olbermann, MSNBC can’t survive — and the voice of progress will fall to the dark ages, when one unholy church dictated a fictional version of the truth.

Correction: He’s devoted most of his entire adult life to making insanely vulgar profits at the expense of young black men and women via promotions of “rappers” who glorify violence against each other, whites, cops, and women. But why let a little thing like the facts get in the middle of a good ol’ fashioned “truth to power” rant? :-w

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