Alvin Greene, in court on obscenity charges, declares: “I was born to be president”

Via the Associated Press:

Awaiting a South Carolina court hearing related to two obscenity charges, former U.S. Senate hopeful Alvin Greene said Tuesday he’s not through with politics and already has his eye on his next pursuit: the White House.

“I was born to be president,” Greene said, seated in the back row of a courtroom in the Richland County Courthouse in Columbia. “I am the greatest person that ever lived.”

It was a quirky but seemingly fitting way for the 33-year-old unemployed military veteran to discuss his future.

He won the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate with no money, website or visible campaign in June, and once suggested the creation of action figures in his likeness as a way to spur job creation. At an election night party in his hometown of Manning, Greene and his campaign volunteers showed off a comic book about Greene’s life entitled, “The Ultimate Warrior.”


Greene’s attorney, Eleazer Carter, was not at the hearing Tuesday, and his office said he was representing another client in Clarendon County.

Greene, who did not comment to reporters after the hearing, has previously handled questions about the allegation in bizarre fashion, shouting “Nooo!” and “Gooo!” at a TV crew who tried to interview him at his home. After his October court appearance, he responded to reporters by repeatedly saying his campaign mantra: “The opponent started the recession!”

After learning Greene wanted to take the case to trial, the mother of the student to whom he’s accused of showing obscene images said her daughter was still reeling from the November 2009 event.

“We paid good money for our daughter to come here to get an education,” Susan McCoy said. “We didn’t pay for her to come here and be traumatized, and that’s exactly what happened.”

On Tuesday, Greene initially asked bailiffs to remove any reporters from the courtroom and threatened to sue anyone reporting on his case. An hour later, he said: “We don’t want the judicial system eliminating a presidential contender.”

As I’ve said before, the pathetic thing about it is that it would no longer be shocking if SC Democrats actually did vote for him to be their presidential nominee in 2012, considering they made him their Senate nominee knowing absolutely nothing about him.

In a way, though, it’s kinda fitting for a Democrat presidential contender to have a checkered past when it comes to the sexual mistreatment of women. Maybe Bill Clinton could be his campaign manager …

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