Quote of the day – Nina Totenberg edition


“I was at – forgive the expression – a Christmas party.“  Liberal NPR journalist Nina Totenberg, on Inside Washington this weekend.

I wonder how often Ms. Totenberg has had to apologize for calling Christmas, well, Christmas during the course of her hip, chatty DC cocktail circuit conversations with liberal elites who turn their noses up at all things traditionally Christian?

I can’t imagine ever doing so.  In fact, I will NEVER apologize for calling Christmas Christmas.  I will never apologize for wishing someone a Merry Christmas instead of “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings.”  In fact, in these politically correct times where we’re not supposed to “offend” anyone with traditional holiday greetings, I feel a bit gloriously rebellious each time I say the words “Merry Christmas” to someone else.  And you know what? Almost every time I say it, the person I said it to says it to me in turn, indicating they weren’t in the least bit offended.  I have even said to people who have wished me a Merry Christmas “thank you” for not saying “Happy Holidays.”

When you bring this issue up to liberals, oftentimes they laugh and accuse you of being one of those conservatives who “takes things too seriously” and who should “lighten up in the spirit of the season.”  In response, I note that the “spirit of the season” is exactly why I and many others who share my viewpoint take the saying of the word Christmas so seriously.  Give liberals like Totenberg and other politically correct people in this country an inch on this issue and they will take a mile.  Most conservatives know this, which is why they won’t budge – it’s Christmas, not “the holidays.”  Of course, on the other hand, these same liberals who lecture conservatives about taking this issue too seriously would never admit that it’s liberals who did take the issue seriously enough to get politicos and businesses, etc, to “moderate” their “holiday greetings,” who put people like me and you in the position of feeling they  had to take a stand in favor of saying Merry Christmas versus Happy Holidays.

I don’t go out of my way to “offend” people, and in fact if I’m greeting someone who I know does not celebrate Christmas but instead observes another holiday tradition, I won’t wish them a “Merry Christmas.” It would sort of be like a member of the liberal black community who observed Kwanzaa wishing me a “Happy Kwanzaa.”  The only difference being that I wouldn’t get offended if they did so.  I would just find it amusing, correct them, and move on.  Some people would get bent out of shape over it.  The only thing to get bent out of shape over, in my opinion, is any time a liberal suggests/implies that it’s “offensive” to say Christmas.

Merry Christmas, y’all. :)

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