Predictions: What will Obama say tonight re: the Libya situation?

I can’t take seriously nor believe anything this administration says regarding the US “combat mission” in Libya. Tonight at 7:30 ET, the President plans to give a speech to the nation that will supposedly address the concerns many have about why we are there, what the objectives are, etc. From Fox News:

President Obama on Monday prepared to make his case to the nation about why he ordered U.S. forces to Libya in an address that gives him an opportunity to answer mounting questions about how long the conflict could last and under what conditions the United States would depart.

A senior administration official told Fox News the speech will effectively serve two purposes — to outline the mission going forward and explain “how our efforts in Libya have advanced our interests and averted a catastrophe.”

Deputy National Security Adviser Denis McDonough said later that an upcoming conference in London on Libya will also give allies an opportunity to work jointly on an end vision for the Arab nation.

“We do think it’s very important to spell out an end state — a vision of where this goes,” he said in a briefing to reporters.

The Western alliance on Sunday agreed that NATO would take control of air operations, a mission that has been U.S.-led since last weekend.

That agreement will help bolster the administration’s argument that U.S. involvement is limited, a point the president repeated when he was asked a question about war spending Monday morning during a town hall meeting at a high school in Washington, D.C. “Our involvement there is going to be limited, both in time and in scope,” Obama said.

But the president still faces questions about how long U.S. forces could be committed to a conflict that, in the eyes of some policymakers, already qualifies as civil war.

The administration’s recent Libya actions kinda remind me of the assertion then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made in early March 2009 on the issue of the potential passage of ObamaCare: “… [W]e have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.”

Same same with the air campaign in Libya, apparently: We have to go to war in Libya, before we know why we’re there.

Oh, and speaking of combat operations, NRO’s Byron York hints that it might not just be an air campaign anymore:

Per military guys: Presence of A-10s and AC-130s virtually guarantees there are Special Ops forces on ground in Libya.

Thoughts on what you think the President will say tonight?

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