Underway: A “feminist” call for liberal women to … stop having sex with Republicans

Sorry, guys – but if you were lookin’ to hook up with a radical liberal woman this weekend, you might be SOL if they listen to this gal (via @JennQPublic):

Signing an e-petition, tweeting furiously, changing your Facebook profile picture to the “I Stand with Planned Parenthood” logo—will any of this impact the Republican push to defund Planned Parenthood? Probably not. There is, however, something we all have the power to do, in order to send a real message to members of the GOP: stop having sex with them.


In the case of a possible defunding of Planned Parenthood, a sex strike seems to me the most obvious and appropriate means of protest. There’s a direct correlation between what’s being threatened and what we individuals can do to assert our cause.

As we’ve been reminded numerous times in recent days, Planned Parenthood’s most common services are providing contraception and testing services for STDs and STIs. If Planned Parenthood were to shut down as a result of the GOP’s efforts, it will be more difficult to find reasonably priced and easily accessible reproductive care and, in turn, sex will become riskier for all.

So if it’s going to become more difficult to engage in healthy sexual activity as a result of a certain political party’s actions, isn’t it only fair that we stop sleeping with members of that political party?

Send Republicans a message. They can’t have their sex and restrict sexual health too.

I know.  A lot of y’all are soo heartbroken, right? ;))

Just curious: Does this call apply to liberal women having sex with conservative women as well? Does it apply to liberal men having sex with a conservative male or female, also?  Or is this just a blanket call …? Are we talking just the actual sex act or  does it include sexual activity regardless of whether or not you “go all the way”?  Why not stop having sex with liberals, too?  That’s one sure way not to get a disease or get pregnant.  Just sayin’. :D

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