Pro-aborts: Poor black women are too stupid to know how babies are made

The abortion-loving crowd is at it again. Giving out misleading information about why women – in particular poor black women – have abortions. And in the process, they hold the black community to different standards than white people when it comes to sex education, pregnancy, and abortion. The Chicago Tribune reports on a so-called “controversial” pro-life billboard targeted towards black people – one of several that have gone up across the country – that has area pro-aborts up in arms, and trying to refute the rationale behind the billboards:

When a Texas minister came to Chicago last month to launch a controversial anti-abortion billboard campaign, he highlighted a statistic that some people found shocking.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, black women account for about 36 percent of the country’s reported abortions, even though blacks are less than 13 percent of the population.

So why is the black abortion rate, which is three times that of white women, so disproportionately high?

Experts say it’s because black women have higher rates of unintended pregnancies, and often that’s a result of not having access to quality health care as well as the most effective contraception and sex education.

This makes no sense. They have “no access” to “quality health care” and “effective contraception” but they do have access to various “free” clinics which supposedly offer “quality repro care” – including “effective contraception” to women – right? Let’s not forget that the local convenience store probably sells condoms, too ..


Gaylon Alcaraz, the executive director of the Chicago Abortion Fund, said the statistics tell only part of the story.

“The abortion rate doesn’t talk about the high rate of sexual violence, such as rape and molestation, in poor black communities,” Alcaraz said. “It doesn’t tell you about the woman whose birth control failed or the college student who wants to finish school.

“Then there’s the woman who sneaks out to get an abortion so she doesn’t have to bring another baby into a house where the husband is beating her.”

Cherisse Scott, health educator for the Chicago-based Black Women for Reproductive Justice, said the rate also doesn’t address the overall racial disparities in health care and health outcomes.

“We know that black women are more likely to suffer or die from diabetes, heart disease, breast cancer and HIV/AIDS,” Scott said. “Life Always (the Texas-based group responsible for the ads) would like you to believe that the high abortion rate is not complicated and merely the result of aggressive marketing from abortion providers. But that’s just untrue.

“They believe black women have been bamboozled by Planned Parenthood, as if (the organization is) standing on every street corner in every black neighborhood promoting abortion.”

Nope. What they believe is that Planned Parenthood takes advantage of vulnerable poor black women via the “counselors” at PP suggesting to black women that abortion really is the best way to solve all of their problems. But let’s just assume for purposes of discussion that pro-life groups did believe black women have been “bamboozled” by PP. Is that any worse than the apparent assumption by apologist pro-aborts that poor black women, in a nutshell, don’t know how babies are made? I mean, if they don’t have access to “quality” sex education nor “quality” health care (neither of which are true, btw), I guess they really don’t understand that when a man and a woman have unprotected sex that the woman is going to get pregnant? Seriously? Is this also true for the poor black (and white, for that matter) women who already have one baby or more? Wonder how pro-aborts try to explain this one away, especially considering that according to the Planned Parenthood-affiliated Guttmacher site – page 12, the majority of abortions (6 out of 10 – page 28) that happen in this country are had by women who’ve already had one baby or more. Not only that, but – again according to Guttmacher – 58% of abortions are had by women over 20, and 17% are aged 15-19. Needless to say, these are the ages where women well-know what the consequences of casual sex are.


Rebecca Wind, spokeswoman for Guttmacher, said that one persistent reason for unintended pregnancies is that many women of color, who are also disproportionately low-income, are less likely to use the most effective methods of contraception. Such methods include the birth control pill, the patch, the vaginal ring and intrauterine devices.

“What’s left out of the discussion is that black women are more likely to experience unintended pregnancies and therefore more likely to seek and obtain abortions than any other group,” Wind said.

She said that because black women also are underinsured, they may be more vulnerable, since the most effective methods are often the most expensive.

But Scott said the problem goes even deeper. Many of the women and girls she encounters don’t have a good understanding of their basic reproductive and sexual health. She said many don’t even know how to chart their menstrual cycles.

What age group is the most likely to not know how to “chart their cycles”? Young teens under 15, who account for – wait for it – less than 1% of all abortions in this country, again – according to Guttmacher (page 25).

“It doesn’t matter if there’s yet another form of a contraceptive method if a woman doesn’t know how to use it properly,” Scott said.

Notice something about this article? There is not ONE mention of black men. Not one mention of the fact that it’s just as easy for a black man to buy a box of condoms at the local store for under $5 as it is a black woman (and why would supposed “lack of access” to more sophisticated forms of BC be a factor in abortions when condoms are readily available for purchase just about everywhere?). Typically when pro-aborts talk about abortion, it’s in the (implied) context of a white woman deciding whether or not to abort their child, and the usual argument is to rail against white men and their “failure” to protect the woman from pregnancy, rather than put any responsibility on the woman for her failure to protect herself. Yet here, not only are pro-aborts typically absolving the woman of any responsiblity (“if only she had access to xyz!” when, in fact, she does), they’re not putting any responsiblity at all on the other party in the pregnancy, either.

Why is that? They have no problem attempting to stigmatize and broad brush all white men who don’t use BC, but yet are hesitant to do so when it comes to black men. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions there …

And finally, this gem – yet another one from the Dept. of You Can’t Make This Stuff Up:

Dorothy Roberts is the author of “Killing the Black Body: Race, Reproduction, and the Meaning of Liberty” and a Northwestern University professor who has examined attempts throughout history to regulate black women’s reproduction.

She said she wonders if the black-white disparity in the abortion rate is exaggerated because the numbers for white women having the procedure have been undercounted. (Some states, including California, don’t report abortion statistics to the CDC.)

“It doesn’t mean that black women aren’t having abortions at higher rates,” Roberts said. “But if you are wealthy and middle-class, you can be more private about reproductive decisions because you can have a procedure done by a private doctor.

“And if you pay cash, you don’t even have to engage your insurance. But poor women often go to public hospitals and clinics, and their reproductive behavior is under surveillance and can be more easily detected.”

She said a billboard that Life Always put up in New York β€” it had the message, “The most dangerous place for African-Americans is in the womb” β€” was reminiscent of the eugenics movement and population-control policies, which deemed black women as sexually irresponsible and incapable of making good reproductive decisions.

Oh, good grief! This woman has a lot of audacity claiming some pro-life link to the eugenics movements of the past, considering that liberal “feminist” hero and Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger was a strong proponent of … eugenics. Against black people.

Hey, I don’t make up the stats and facts – I just point ’em out, folks.

You’re welcome.

Thanks for nothing, BTW, Chi-Trib. Your attempt to “educate” the masses on the “real reasons” why the abortion rate in the black community is so high failed miserably.

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