New Tone: Seattle anti-capitalism freaks claim responsibility for breaking bank windows

KIRO-TV reports:

SEATTLE — Self-proclaimed anarchists said on their website Friday that they are responsible for shattering multiple windows in a destructive spree at a Capitol Hill bank Thursday night.

Chase Bank said the vandalism at the branch at Broadway Avenue and Thomas Street is at least the third incident.

The vandals destroyed seven windows and the bank’s front door when they struck causing thousands of dollars in damages.

On the Pugetsoundanarchists website, a posting put up at 12:49 a.m. on Friday that said the group smashed in windows because banks are a “clear symbol of the misery and slavery that we experience under capitalism,” and also as a show of solidarity with Chilean anarchists on a hunger strike.

A picture posted on the site shows some of the bank’s broken windows.

Mark Jameson with Seattle police said they received several 911 calls from witnesses about 8:40 p.m. He said as many as six vandals wearing black clothing and hooded sweatshirts were trying to cover their faces with bandannas during the spree.

Police said the group left anarchist fliers at the bank with manifesto-type language and likely used hammers or sledgehammers to break out the windows before running away from the scene.


The complete message left on the group’s website can be read here.

Make sure to click that link to check out pictures of the extensive damage these far left thugs inflicted on the banks in question. The Chilean hunger strikers they stand in “solidarity” with are also violently anti-capitalistic. No surprises there …

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