Sully: “Christianists” show how “un-Christian” they are with death panel talk

Your Stuck-On-Stupid quote of the day (bolded emphasis added by me):

If everyone aged 40 or over simply made sure we appointed someone to be our power-of-attorney and instructed that person not to prolong our lives by extraordinary measures if we lost consciousness in a long, fatal illness or simply old age, then we’d immediately make a dent in some way on future healthcare costs. A remarkable proportion of healthcare costs go to the very last days or hours of our lives.

This seems to me particularly apposite for the boomers who, even if Paul Ryan got his way, would still be grandfathered into the most generous combination of personal prosperity and government support of any generation in history. Wouldn’t a few fewer unconscious hours or days be a sacrifice worth making?

Of course, this would be entirely voluntary – and not even nudged (although, frankly, I see no reason why the government shouldn’t nudge you to make arrangements ahead of time given that others will be forced to pay the costs). “Death panels!” Christianists would scream, revealing exactly how un-Christian they are. Christians, of all people, it seems to me, have nothing to fear from death, and a great deal to gain from giving a few of their own unconscious final days to make it feasible for others to have a few more conscious and healthy ones.

Got that, “Christianists”? YOU of all people here on earth should be first to step up to the plate and literally give your life for the ObamaCare cause. And if not voluntarily, then the government should darned well “nudge” you to, considering you might make life more comfortable for other folks – some of who happen to not be “Christianists” (like our dear Andrew Sullivan).

Mark this as the day that Andrew Sullivan officially and without a doubt went right over the edge into Unicorn Land.

I’m going to explain something to Sully and all other anti-“Christianists” who “think” (term used loosely) like he does. For those who fit in that category, please read very s l o w l y: Fearing death doesn’t make you “un-Christian”, morons. It makes you HUMAN. Christians who are saved, who have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior don’t “fear” going to heaven. They just kinda like it down here on earth, too, where they can, you know, hang out with their family members a little while longer before they’re called Home?

This is the problem with secular liberal elites who never hesitate to bash Christians and who, in fact, always find ways to insert Christians into arguments where you wouldn’t think there wouldn’t be a need to (as Sully did here). They’re so busy trying to falsely paint the vast majorty of “Christianists” as perverters of the Bible’s “True Meaning™ ” that in the process, not only does it end up being so that it’s the non-“Christianists” who are the ones distorting and lying about its meaning, but it also ends up being that it’s the “non-Christianists” who distort, mislead, and lie about Christian beliefs and motivations. This is nothing more than a lazy form of argument: Create a phony caricature, set it up as a strawman, and “successfully” argue against it. It’s juvenile, but hey – it’s a tried and true liberal tactic, so none of us should be surprised to see a self-important pseudo-conservative like Andrew Sullivan use it.

Oh, and as to the “nudge” from the government that Sully thinks we – especially we “Christianists” – need: Why stop at “long illness”? Since the average life expectancy is now, what, in the mid 70s? Why don’t we just point blank cut people off at the good ol’ round number of 75? Why wait until a “prolonged illness which leaves you unconcious” hits? How many folks out there, both young and old, have had to have extensive medical care – including prolonged and sustained prescription drug usage – most if not all of their lives? Aren’t those folks a drain on the system, too? WE NEED TO BE “FAIR” TO THE HEALTHY FOLK, DAMMIT! So, since we should be able to trust government on giving us that “nudge” to off ourselves one way or the other, why not trust ’em to just cut people off of medical care at age 75, and for those who have been a “drain” on “they system” for most of their lives, perhaps they should be cut of sooner.

I’m being sarcastic, of course. But to clueless wonders like Sully, they never stop to think their ideas through to the logical conclusion, quite possibly because most of their “ideas” really aren’t logical to begin with so it’s a difficult minefield for them to wade through. If the government can “nudge” you off of care when they’ve determined you’re too old or that you’ve been unconcious for too long, it can step in and “nudge” you off of it for other reasons, too – and not just due to old age or unconsciousness.

Let’s be thankful that at the very least Sullivan is talking about physical unconsciousness and not intellectual unconsciousness, because if included intellectual unconsciousness as well, he might have to rethink his position, considering that – by my count – he’s been intellectually unconscious since around 2003 …

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