Smoothest President evah!! flubs toast to the Queen

Heh. Normally, I could care less about stuff like this. People, even world leaders, are human and are bound to make a mistake or two on the world stage, recover from it, and then move on. But seeing as how the left routinely crucified President Bush for what they perceived as a gross lack of worldly poise, grace, and finesse (how often did we hear things along the lines of, “What do you expect from a goofy Texas cowboy?”?), not to mention how they took great pleasure in laughing and making fun of the former President’s every gaffe, I’m engaging in more than just a little bit of schadenfreude this morning after reading the story at the link above (the video is also posted there). How very, very awkward for our celebrity President – not to mention embarrassing!

At a time when there’s so much bad news being reported every day, take this opportunity to read, watch, and feel free to LYAO at the latest international flub by our “world class” President.

Great way to start off a Wednesday morning, eh? :D

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