Gag alert: Nation’s healer is now the nation’s “baby whisperer”

For crying out loud — literally (hat tip: @collegepolitico):

The ABC and CBS morning shows on Wednesday gushed over “baby whisperer” Barack Obama. Both Good Morning America and the Early Show played White House-produced video of the President comforting a baby while working a rope line.

GMA’s Lara Spencer lauded, “You know, the President is plenty busy trying to turn the economy around. But he still has time to stop some babies from crying, of course.”

Spencer narrated footage of First Lady Michelle Obama handing the wailing child to her husband. After the baby quit crying, the journalist enthused, “Finally is President Obama a baby whisperer? The leader of the free world worked his magic on this munchkin a few days ago at the White House.”

GMA co-host George Stephanopoulos even wondered if this incident could cause Mrs. Obama to rethink her lack of interest in having more children.

On the website for CBS’s Early Show, the headline for the story was “the baby whisperer.” This graphic wasn’t used on the program, but co-host Chris Wragge touted, “Before the First Lady left for Washington, she learned something about her husband. He seems to have a way with babies.”

Make sure to check out the video and screen cap at Scott Whitlock’s Newsbusters link – but only if you have the stomach for it.

This cartoon, published about a month before then-Senator Obama officially declared his candidacy, comes to mind:

Political cartoon via
Cartoon done by the Ottawa Citizen's Cam Cardow - accessed via

And you thought it couldn’t get any worse …

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