VIDEO: MSDNC anchor unwittingly reminds GOP what they’re up against

MSNDC anchor Thomas Roberts anchored his network’s coverage of our celebrity President’s “jobs plan” speech from earlier today and, while interviewing a guest about the speech and the GOP’s response to it, Roberts had some, er – interesting things to say, especially for a supposedly ‘unbiased’ network anchor. Watch/listen:

Note how he describes the term “class warfare is “bunk” and pledges “not to bring it up” (sound familiar?), and then asks “how can the right defend greed?”

This, of course, is how the debate on taxes, the deficit, the economy, etc will be framed from here on out – all the way up until the November 2012 elections, all in a repeat effort by our mainstream media to try to give Their Chosen Candidate four more years in office by way of shameless, unprecedented demagoguery and outright deception. In fact, CNN joined in the effort today to prop up the President’s “jobs plan” by alleging that “any serious budget expert’s analysis” says we must increase taxes on “the rich” in order to get the economy growing.

See what I mean? Sigh.

BTW, Roberts’ liberally biased comments shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has been reading Newsbusters for any length of time, or for anyone who puts themselves through the torture of watching MSDNC during any given time of the day. Click here for a searchable archive of documented left wing bias from Roberts’, who filled in a time or two for Keith Olbermann “back in the day” – which should explain an awful lot. 8-| In addition to being openly liberal, he’s also apparently openly gay – a fact which MSDNC allows him to use to the fullest advantage. Keep that in mind next time some blowhard from Media Mutters tries to suggest that its Fox News that blurs that lines between ‘unbiased’ media reporting and opinion commentary.

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