Joey B: Jobs bill needs to be passed so rapes and murders won’t increase

I’ll take “scare tactics” for $200, Alex. Via Daniel Halper at The Weekly Standard, a dire warning from the Vice President in Flint, MI:

“In 2008, when Flint had 265 sworn officers on their police force, there were 35 murders and 91 rapes in this city,” Biden said. “In 2010, when Flint had only 144 police officers, the murder rate climbed to 65 and rapes–just to pick two categories–climbed to 229. In 2011, you now only have 125 shields. God only knows what the numbers will be this year for Flint if we don’t rectify it.”

The vice president also seemed to suggest that the Obama administration’s first stimulus is the reason rapes and murders were not even higher in 2010 and 2011.” And God only knows what that number would have been had we not been able to get a little bit of help,” Biden said.

Sigh. These clowns are exasperating sometimes. I take that back. They’re exasperating all the time.

Doug Powers responds:

There are fewer police officers in Flint these days? Um, wasn’t one of Sheriff Biden’s selling points for the “Recovery and Reinvestment Act” that it would help hire more local police? Pluggers is unwittingly pointing out that economic “stimulus” as designed by this administration has had an opposite to the “as advertised” effect.

Well, if you believe the Vice President, until some types of “jobs bill” passes, you better hide the womyn and cheeldren! :))

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