@IrishSpy makes #OccupyOakland “most insensitive tweets” list! PLUS: #OccupyDenver fun

Here I am Tweeting my a** off about the  Occupy Oakland tragedy last night and my co-blogger @IrishSpy goes and one-ups me by making SF Weekly’s “most insensitive Tweets about Occupy Oakland” list — with TWO Tweets!

Congrats, amigo. ;) Let us know your secret…

Meanwhile, Occupy Denver tried to “invade” the conservative BlogCon convention in Denver today.  Didn’t turn out so well. For the “Occupiers.”

I am literally laughing out loud right now! Hot Air has more updates on this developing story.

Phineas butts in: They like me! They really like me!! I’ve posted my own response to this wonderful news here. :)

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