VIDEO: Whoopi Goldberg literally proves once & for all she’s full of sh**

Via the Star-Ledger:

Yup, you heard correctly. This [Friday] morning, Whoopi Goldberg, the Oscar-winning co-host on “The View” let nature take its course as the rest of the gang were interviewing Golden Globe-nominee Claire Danes.

The “Homeland” actress was chatting about her acclaimed Showtime series when we heard a certain WHOOPI CUSHION let loose.

As the rest of the panel, Danes and the audience cracked up, Goldberg easily admitted, “Oh, excuse me! I think I just blew a little frog out of there!” […]

Listen here:

Hey, I’ve been saying she was full of it for years now, but to have it come straight from the source itself, in it’s ‘purest’ form – well, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Or worse. :p

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