Prayer request (UPDATED)

I’ve got an ultrasound appointment later on today for an issue that popped up for me in the summer of 2008 that I, unfortunately, have not followed up on until now – mainly out of fear (I know – it’s a stupid reason to not have a follow-up done). In short, I have what’s called a “splenic cyst” – a cyst in my spleen. Supposedly they are very rare and usually don’t cause any problems outside of mild discomfort for the people who have them. I’ve only had the discomfort once (knock on wood) which is what led to the discovery of the cyst.

Anyway, at the time of my last ultrasound, the size was about 3 centimeters. If it hasn’t grown much since then, it will just have to be monitored. But if it’s grown a substantial amount, surgery might be required to either remove the cyst or remove the spleen altogether. Obviously, I don’t want to have to do either. I’ll update you guys later this evening unless I’m too depressed to. Am hoping it’s just broken up on its own but I have a feeling that hasn’t happened.

So … if you have a moment would you please say a little prayer for yours truly on this? I rarely ever ask for personal prayer requests but I’m a little nervous and also know for a fact that the power of prayer always helps.

Thanks in advance.

Oh – and TGIF! :)

Update – 6:45 PM: Thank you for the prayers – both here and on Twitter and Facebook. :) Got some potentially good news: The ultrasound tech couldn’t find the cyst. It was a little bigger than an inch the first time it was seen but now it is nowhere to be found, which I’m hoping my doctor will tell me means I don’t have to worry about it anymore. The icky news is that gallstones were found. Sigh! But they were small so hopefully I’ll have to just monitory them and it won’t be anymore serious than that.

Thanks again for using the power of prayer to help me through my visit this afternoon. I could feel them!

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