Photo of the Day: Sen. @PattyMurray lies on Senate floor about “no women on panel”

They say a picture speaks a thousand words …

Senator Patty Murray on the floor of the US Senate. Source: Patty Murray.

… but this picture speaks just a few short, sweet, and simple words to me: Senator Murray: You. are. a. liar.

The photo, in case you can’t tell, shows the first panel at Rep. Darrell Issa’s (R-CA) hearing on religious freedoms, which are under attack by rabid feminista Democrat politicos like Minority “Leader” Nancy Pelosi and other like-minded liberal women who are more beholden to the lucrative abortion lobby than they are the United States Constitution – as I discussed yesterday at length. What Murray did not display on the floor of the US Senate today – nor mentioned in her fauxtraged speech she gave alongside her photo display was the fact that the second panel, again as noted yesterday, had two women on it. As is Standard Operating Procedure with the far left, though, facts should never get in the way of a good ol’ manipulative rant. From Murray’s floor remarks (bolded emphasis added by me):

“Mr. President, for millions of American women, reading the news this morning was like stepping into a time machine and traveling back 50 years.

“First, there was this. A panel from an oversight hearing held in the House yesterday on women’s access to birth control.

“The only thing was….there weren’t any women.

“It turns out that the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee decided that he wouldn’t allow a young woman who had been asked by the minority to testify to tell her story.

“The story of a friend who she said lost an ovary due to a lack of contraception coverage.

“So this 19 year old woman was left to watch – just like all of the rest of us – as five men addressed the committee about how they supported efforts to restrict access to care.

“I’m sure by now many of my colleagues here have seen the picture of this all-male hearing.

“It’s a picture that says a thousand words. And it’s one that most women thought they left behind when pictures only came in black and white.

Gotta love the doomsday imagery her quotes bring up to days gone by when women had a lot less freedom than then they do today. That’s the point, of course. Emotional manipulation is the left’s stock and trade, especially on their “signature issues” – like abortion.

Here’s a photo of the second panel:

Women on the religious freedoms panel
Women on the religious freedoms panel - via Oversight and Reform

Hmm – I see two women on that panel. Don’t they count? Well, no, because they don’t march lock step in line with “feminists” in this country who think access to birth control is a “civil right” that trumps your right to freedom of religious expression.

Murray also lied about something else (surprise). Yesterday’s hearing was NOT about “women’s access to birth control” – a point well-made by Commentary’s Peter Wehner:

For one thing, the rule in question isn’t simply about contraception; it also covers sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs. But more important is this: This issue is significant not because it involves, in part, the matter of contraception (which I happen to support), but the more fundamental issue of religious liberty. It has to do with the federal government being the aggressor in the so-called culture wars and inserting itself into the internal life of the church and religious institutions. That’s why Protestants who aren’t troubled by contraception have expressed solidarity with Catholics who do.

The Obama administration has an overwhelming political interest in framing this issue as one having to do with contraception rather than religious liberties. And not surprisingly, most of the press is in lockstep with Obama. We’re seeing dueling narratives play out, and most of the press corps has an obvious stake in promoting one at the expense of the other.

You betcha.

It’s interesting. I can’t tell you the number of retweets I saw yesterday from reliable “feminist groups” like Planned Parenthood, who RT’d tweets from liberal women about the so-called “bias” and “shame” of Issa’s panel for “not including women on a panel about birth control.” The truth is, though, that it was neither a panel about birth control, nor did the panel exclude women. Unfortunately, Murray and others like her who don’t give a half a damn about actual inconvenient TRUTHS like the ones I’ve pointed out have been able to successfully manipulate hundreds of thousands of women – with the aid of a complicit mainstream media – into believing that Issa is a sexist pig because he “refused” to have any women on his “birth control panel.”

For decades, liberal women have (falsely) asserted that conservative women can’t help the way they think because they’re allegedly “mindlessly subservient to the patriarchy.” The REAL facts here tell a much different, sadder story: It’s liberal women who are subservient – to each other – because they clearly cannot function without the assistance of opportunistic Democrat women in positions of high power who are spoonfeeding them stereotypical lies about their political opposition — all at the expense of both the unborn and the US Constitution.

Just which group is it who “can’t think for themselves” again? :-w :-?

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