PHOTOS: “Feminist maturity” takes serious nosedive at OK personhood bill protest

Sigh. Another day, another fanatical pro-abortion “feminist” politico displaying just how seriously she should be taken when it comes to debating pro-life/”pro-choice” issues:

Sen. Judy Eason McIntyre held up a sign at the protest Tuesday that said “If I wanted the government in my womb I’d f — a senator.”

Here it is (language warning – obviously):

Sen. Judy Eason McIntyre poses with a protestor during a rally opposing the Personhood measures at the state Capitol, Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2012. Photo by Sarah Phipps, The Oklahoman

Yeah. TWO grown women, one an elected official from the state of Oklahoma, held up that sign.


“When I saw that sign out of all of those signs, I was like, I’ve got to have a picture of it,” said McIntyre, D-Tulsa. “I thought if my 87-year-old mother sees this, I’m going to get hell this weekend, but it was too late.”

McIntyre was one of hundreds protesting anti-abortion legislation on the north steps of the Capitol.

She said the sign was brought by protesters from the University of Oklahoma and she grabbed it for a photo.

She said that while the language would probably be offensive to some, the real issue is the Republican Party attempting to take away the reproductive rights of women while at the same time preaching less government.

“I would hope they would have that same passion about how offensive it is for the Republican Party of Oklahoma to ramrod, because they have votes to do so, bills that are offensive to women and take away the rights of women,” she said.

Hmm. You know what pro-lifers find really offensive, Ms. McIntyre? You and other pathetic pro-abort politicos who trivialize the very serious moral “debate” over whether or not life begins at conception by engaging in shameless political stunts designed to mislead, misinform, and confuse the very constituents you CLAIM to represent in your position as an elected official. This is particularly harmful to women because, instead of being honest about the contents of the bill under discussion, as well as honest in stating the actual intent of the bill writers and your own true intentions, you and/or your colleagues attempt to make a mockery of the process in which laws are debated and/or voted on in this country – as fellow Oklahoma State Senator Constance Johnson recently did:

Also present at the rally was Democratic State Senator Constance Johnson, the woman who gained fame and girlcrushes when she attempted to attach a provision to the Personhood law that would bar men from ejaculating in any place other than inside a woman’s vagina.

“Girlcrushes”? No doubt this is exactly the type of cultish hand-holding, fist-pumping reaction attention-seeking “feminists” like Johnson and McIntyre seek when they take to the floor and streets to express “solidarity” with the pro-abortion movement under the guise of “women’s health.” What an absolute embarrassment that, after decades of REAL feminists fighting for women to have a say-so in public policy both at the ballot box and in public office, there are female politicos who use their positions of power and influence in such a deeply juvenile manner not befitting of the office. It’s really no wonder so many women in this country are slavishly devoted to the “right to choose” cause – hey, it’s edgy! Neat! Cute! Hip! It’s about WOMYN! It’s about CHOICE! And it’s especially COOL because our celebrity President is also a staunch abortion “rights” proponent! YAY ME!

Lost in all this, of course, is the actual issue itself: Is conception where an unborn baby’s life actually starts? While never addressing this issue directly – a calculated tactic by “feminists” worldwide, some pro-aborts do sometimes actually take the time to address the “is it a baby” issue in their own little “progressive” way, as referenced by another creative sign from today’s protest:

Gay fetus
A sign is pictured during a rally opposing the Personhood measures at the state Capitol, Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2012. Photo by Sarah Phipps, The Oklahoman

Oh, if only I could have been there. My sign would have read: “If the fetus is gay, would you support it being aborted on the basis of its sexual orientation, or would you discriminate?”

Their answer, as you should know by now, would be “yes, I would be ok with someone aborting on the basis of sexual orientation just as I would be someone doing so on the basis of the baby’s sex, because the right to terminate your unborn child is sacrosanct above all other rights, including the right to life!!!!!”

With all that in mind, doesn’t it boggle the mind at how liberals, especially those in the “women’s rights movement” are almost always portrayed as the “mature” and “compassionate ones”? Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on the way you look at it), we all know better – on both counts.

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