How to kick yourself out of “writer’s block” mode

Redesign your home office – or create a new one. The pictures in this post (found on Pinterest) will amaze you! Before and after shots of a spare bedroom converted into a lovely home office space. Here’s my favorite:

Home office makeover
Lovely! Soothing and inspiring.

I like the color of my office (a soft buttery yellow color) and have been angling for a few months now to get some new office furniture (the set I currently have is over a decade old and severely worn) to change things up a bit and to get the creative juices flowing again. I can write about politics all day long but sometimes get into a bit of a “writer’s block” funk when it comes to creative writing, even with ideas swirling in my head.

The colors in the bright spare room pictured above are not colors I would be bold enough to pick for my own home! LOL. But it’s still a very nice look and conducive to letting your creative, softer side stand out. :D

Don’t have a good pic of my home office to show you (and am not taking one right now – it looks like a disaster area!) but I do have one of my outdoor office to share.

The outdoor home office of yours truly. ; )

Problematic for use on cooler days but on warmer days, it definitely works! ;)

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