Ed Schultz: Be happy the #Heat won, because those millionaires brought attn to #Trayvon

Because misguided campaigns for “social justice” based on “facts” horribly distorted and deliberately misrepresented by the MSM (including his employer) should always be rewarded (via @adamsbaldwin):

Lebron James took a lot of crap (some deserved, some not) for his very public “decision” to ditch Cleveland for Miami a few years ago. But this March he and his Heat teammates did something that’s pretty much unprecedented in the modern era of professional sports. They got together and took a stand for justice on behalf of a slain 17-year-old kid. The act to don hoodies en masse and tweet the picture out took the story to a whole new level. It forced sports fans to sit up and pay attention to story they may have ignored otherwise. Eventually, as we know, Trayvon Martin’s killer was arrested and will now be tried by a jury of his peers. Who knows if that would have happened if Lebron and team hadn’t done what they did. What we do know is that a group of millionaires did something that their team owners and agents would have never approved. They took a stand and did the right thing. They took their responsibility as role models seriously and did something about it. That’s why everyone anywhere who cares about justice and the rule of law should feel good about a championship for Lebron and the Heat.

Slobbery devotion to sports “gods” – check. Subtle dig in at the white 1% – double check.  Complete and utter cluelessness when it comes to social justice movements and whether or not the justification for them is based 100% on reality – triple check.


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