#JustABlogger spots the collusion between super PAC & #Obama2012, while MSM ignores

MediaBreitbart.com writer RB does the digging and research that the MSM won’t do and connects the dots between super PAC Priorities USA and the Obama 2012 campaign on Joe Soptic’s participation in Romney hit-piece ads for both. Β Moe Lane has screencaps of the ads and notes their similarities, and the only conclusion that can be reached – at least by yours truly – is that collusion (which is illegal) definitely happened.

I’ve seen a couple of news outlets (one here) report on what the campaign itself is now admitting they lied about (that they supposedly “did not” know Soptic’s story) Β but don’t hold your breath waiting for a 24-7 push for answers on the collusion angle. Β It is an election year, after all, and the mainstream media at large are well into “Re-elect Our Guy” mode.

With that in mind, thank goodness for “just a blogger” types – right, Juan Williams? ;)

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