Doug Wilder, black former Va. Governor, slams Biden’s “chains” remark

Not only that, but he claimed once again that Hillary would have been the better veep pick for Obama back in 2008 … and now:

Former Democratic Virginia Governor Doug Wilder offered his criticism in an interview on CNN’s “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer” saying Biden’s remarks were racially-charged.

“First of all, without question they were appeals to race,” Wilder said. “The important thing I got out of this was Biden separated himself from what he accused the people of doing. As a matter of fact, what he said is they are going to do something to y’all, not to me. Not us. So he was still involved with that separate American.”

“As far as I am concerned, the President would not associate himself with those remarks,” he said. “And I expect as the days go forward there will be more clarity associated with what the president feels about what Joe Biden said.”

He also repeated an assertion he’s made previously that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should have been swapped in as President Obama’s vice president. Wilder first made the suggestion in a 2010 op-ed published by Politico.

“As a matter of fact, over eight or nine months ago that it would have been in the president’s bets interest to pick Hillary because-and I’ll go even further,” Wilder said. “If Hillary were on that ticket today based on the job she’s done as secretary of state, I think that would be a clearer advantage the president would be seeing.”

Wilder added, however, “It’s not going to happen. It’s too late. I think she’ll be getting herself together for 2016. But that doesn’t help the president today. What the president need to do it disassociate himself from trying to show anybody that division is what this administration is about as some may have said, ‘cool it,’ ‘back up.”

Both the President himself and top Obama surrogate and Mayor of Newark, NJ Cory Booker have tried to provide “context” for the remarks, with Obama insinuating that no one cares about perceived gaffes outside of Washington insiders – which we know is flat out untrue. That said, this was no gaffe and is exactly the type of rhetoric we heard coming from Obama and his high profile supporters and senior advisors all throughout 2008, and it has no place in civilized debate – and certainly should not be tolerated in the “New Tone” era. I think Wilder is spot on in his criticism of Biden’s injection of race into this campaign – as was Mitt Romney on Tuesday
and GOP veepstakes winner Paul Ryan was yesterday:

“You know, these are the kinds of things you say when you’re desperate in a campaign,” Ryan said of Biden’s comments. “I think you’re going to hear more of these things as we go on because they have a terrible record and can’t run on it so they’re going to kind of sink this campaign to these low levels to distract people.

“To try and you know, stoke the emotions of fear and envy, and it’s just not going to work. People are going to see through this. We’ve gone from hope and change to anger and division and blame and attack and I think people are going to see through this,” he said.

I sure as heck hope so.

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